Webinar: Standardisation in the Health Sector

The webinar “Standardisation in the Health Sector” aimed to shed light on the critical role of standards in the healthcare industry and foster a deeper understanding of their integration.

This Post-event Report offers valuable insights into highlights of the webinar where the speakers discussed the application of standards in key areas such as health informatics, artificial intelligence, risk management of health information technology systems, and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The target audience, particularly researchers engaged in EU-funded projects, had the opportunity to glean essential knowledge on harnessing standards to elevate healthcare practices, boost interoperability, and effectively utilise research outcomes through standardisation. Take a look at the slides and join us in exploring the significance of standards in shaping the future of healthcare.



Agenda (Central European Summer Time; GMT+2)

  • Robert Stegwee - Chair of CEN TC 251 Health Informatics, HL7 Netherlands Board Member, independent consultant for ICT in Health
    Standards in Health: An overview from the perspective of health informatics
  • Serkawt Khola - CEO at EvoMedics ApS, Co-Convenor CEN/TC251 WG1, ISO/TC215 and DS/S-273 - Health Informatics TC Expert Member 
    AI Standards in Healthcare: The Sustainable Formula Includes Body, Mind, Technology and Standards
  • Pamela Hussey and Dr. Subhashis Das - Researchers at the CeIC, Adapt Research Centre, Dublin City University, and active participants in ISO TC/215 working groups
    Talking Standards - How Formal Ontology Addresses the Heterogeneity Challenge 
  • Silvana Togneri MacMahon - Leading expert in health informatics standards at CeIC, Lero SFI Research Centre for Software, Dublin City University, NSAI, 
    Risk Management Standards and the Digital Transformation of Healthcare
  • Linda Hendy - Senior Standards Officer - Healthcare and Medical Devices at NSAI
    Getting involved in Healthcare Standards
  • Barry Cox - Standards Officer at NSAI
    Code of Practice on Standardisation in the European Research Area & Gateway to the Standard Development World
  • Almudena Sánchez Ferrer - R&D Senior Project Manager at KVELOCE I+D+i & VALUECARE project
    Standardisation and Standards in R&I projects: VALUECARE and HSbooster.eu
  • George Manias - Research Associate at the University of Piraeus Research Centre, PhD student in the University of Piraeus & iHELP project
    Holistic Health Records: Enhancing HL7/FHIR standard towards Fostering Personalization and Improving Prevention and Intervention in the eHealth


Panel Discussion

A moderated panel discussion took place over the webinar, offering participants an opportunity to engage with the speakers and address relevant questions and concerns. The panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Marita Kinsella from NSAI.

Who should attend

The webinar on standardisation in the health sector aimed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration among experts in the field. By exploring topics such as AI standards, risk management, and formal ontology, the webinar provided valuable insights into how standards can enhance healthcare practices and contribute to the achievement of SDGs. Participants will gain practical knowledge, best practices, and networking opportunities.
The webinar was open to professionals, researchers, and stakeholders in the healthcare sector, including health informatics specialists, policymakers, industry representatives, and academia. Researchers who worked or were working on Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe project were warmly welcome. The event was designed to benefit individuals and research projects seeking a deeper understanding of the role of standards in healthcare and its impact on innovation, interoperability, and patient care.



Standardisation in the Health Sector
Online, virtual event