HSbooster.eu is a 30-month European Commission initiative that will provide the European Standardisation Booster. The booster provides expert services to European projects to help them to increase and valorise project results by contributing to the creation or revision of standards.


HSbooster.eu facilitates and streamlines the dialogue between Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Research & Innovation projects with the Standardisation landscape and its main actors, namely corresponding Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) to increase the European impact on (international) Standardisation and strengthen the European competitiveness.


The project comes at a right time to effectively respond to the main priorities (so-called urgencies) outlined in the recently released European Strategy on Standardisation, to speed up the pace of innovation through the development of efficient Standards that might be capable to accelerate the transition towards a more resilient, green and digital economy and to protect democratic values in technology applications.


Contributing to standards is often an objective of many R&I projects. However, the actual process to engage with Standardisation working groups, technical committees, focus groups can be complex to comprehend. This is where HSbooster.eu steps in.


HSbooster.eu will provide consultancy services to guide and support beneficiaries and consortia of R&I projects to make sure they take the right strategic approach and contribute efficiently to the Standardisation process and to make them active players in the development of Standards in the corresponding area or domain.

Find out more on the respective Open Calls for Standardisation Experts  and R&I projects.

The Standardisation Booster for fostering exploitation of EU-funded research results is an action supported by the European Research Area HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01 Call, managed by the European Research Executive Agency (REA).


HSbooster.eu relies on a solid Consortium of partners with overarching experience in the management of European Commision funded projects and CSA (Trust-IT Srl & COMMpla), in delivering education training and courses in for future Standards experts and professionals (Dublin City University and University of Belgrade), in Standards certification (SGS), plus the National Standards Body of Denmark (Dansk Standard).