Sustainable Places 2022: Artificial Intelligence - Commission guidance to standardisation

Maria Giuffrida; Nicholas Ferguson

On 7 September 2022,, the new service for Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 projects that will support their ability to uptake Standardisation, participated in the “ Read more

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The European Standardisation Booster

Nicholas Ferguson; Ioannis Sagias; Signe Annette Bøgh; Ivana Mijatovic; Ray Walshe; José Lucio Gonzàlez

Standards are at the cornerstone to build a resilient European Single Market enabling companies to demonstrate compliance with EU regulations, creating a level playing field for businesses and increasing consumer confidence. Transferring R&I results to .. Read more

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Building the Standardisation Training Academy

Francesco Osimanti; Julie Abergas-Arteza; Ivana Mijatovic; Gergely Tardos has organised its second webinar “Building the Standardisation Training Academy” on 27 September 2022 at 11:00 CEST, focusing on experiences and lessons learned from Standardisation Training in Europe.

Standardi.. Read more

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Report D3.1 – Services Matrix

Maria Skou; Signe Bøgh; Maria Giuffrida

The offers three levels of services to bridge the gap between the research and innovation community and the standards world. One of the most crucial aspects of the service matrix is to generate a model that is systematic, replicable and ‘.. Read more

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