HLF-EDU 2024

Join HSBooster.eu team at the HLF-EDU 2024 "Education on standardisation in Europe," a conference organised by EC High-Level Forum (HLF) on European Standardisation, taking place between 17-18 June 2024, Delft, The Netherlands, featuring the HSBooster poster during EURAS conference and a dedicated workshop for the HSBooster Training Academy.

This pivotal conference focused on the future of standardisation education in Europe. This event convenes experts from business, public administration, civil society, research, and academia to address crucial questions:

  • How can Europe cultivate future talent in standardisation to maintain its influential position?
  • What strategies are needed to enhance education on standardisation across universities, vocational institutes, and through on-the-job training?


Engage with national and European standardisation bodies, academic instructors of standards, and EU member state representatives.

Explore challenges and collaborative solutions shaping the future of standardisation education.

The event is organised back-to-back with the annual EURAS Conference, the European Academy for Standardisation, taking place between 19-21 June 2024, also in Delft.

This conference is organised by Workstream 1 of the High-Level Forum (HLF) on European Standardisation of the European Commission, led by Eindhoven University of Technology, CEN/CENELEC and DIGITALEUROPE.

Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of standardisation education in Europe. Register now and be part of this critical conversation.

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HLF-EDU 2024
External event
Delft, the Netherlands