EURAS 2023 Conference

The 27th EURAS Conference will be held at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, from 28-30 June, 2023. The conference is organised by the European Academy for Standardisation (EURAS) and takes place in conjunction with the 12th International Conference on Standardisation and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT).

The conference theme is: (Responsible) Standardisation for Smart Systems.

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HSbooster will join the conference on Tuesday 27 June with a session at 15:45 to present its role-play negotiation skills in Standardisation "Serious Smiling Game" (designed in collaboration between and House of Knowledge) that simulates the discussion in an ad-hoc working group. 

During the game, participants play with and against each other in a meeting on the establishment of a new Technical Committee (TC) for a standard by a fictional Standards Developing Organisation (SDO). The game gives applied training on how the work within a TC/Working group or an SDO and focusses on argumentation skills, understanding standardization context and strategic positioning, while building compromise or common understanding.

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EURAS 2023 Conference
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