Training academy - Intermediate level

Are you ready to take your knowledge of standardisation practices to the next level?

We've got you covered! We have prepared a set of intermediate-level resources that will help you deepen your understanding of standardisation practices and take your skills to new heights.

Our resources are carefully crafted to provide you with practical insights and strategies that you can apply to your work. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, our intermediate-level resources will equip you with the tools you need to succeed. So why wait?

Start exploring our intermediate-level resources today and unlock your potential in the world of standardisation!


Discover the Benefits: What's In It For You?

How about gaining some skills in standardisation? Here you can find instructions that will help you navigate standardisation:

  • How to find the right standard?
  • How to participate in TCs or WGs?
  • How are standards developed within SDOs in Europe? 
  • How are standards developed within international SDOs?
  • How to develop a certification scheme?

Would you like to join us to play the standardisation game? We will announce invitations for the gaming sessions soon.

Serious smiling game. This game aims to develop soft skills needed in standardisation processes, focusing on argumentation skills, understanding standardisation context and strategic positioning. Active participants should be able to improve their argumentation skills, strategic positioning, building compromise and common understanding. This serious game is developed by and House of Knowledge. 

When you’re ready with this starter pack, you can move to our selected resources for intermediate users.