Project Name: COnstruction-phase diGItal Twin mOdel


The EU-funded COGITO project introduces a real-time digital representation (twin) of a construction project, using methods to ensure interoperability among the different components and technologies constituting the digital twin ecosystem, following the lconstruction principles. COGITO aims to materialise the digitalisation benefits for the construction industry by harmonising Digital Twins with the Building Information Model concept and to establish a digital Construction 4.0 toolbox.

Reason for applying to services

The booster services could help us in:

  • Identifying and engaging with other standardization bodies not yet in the radar of the project.
  • Identifying relevant standardization-related stakeholders to receive feedback from them.
  • Identifying the relevance of COGITO contributions in different standardization bodies.
  • Promoting COGITO results to standardization bodies.
  • Organising a workshop with standardization relevant stakeholders for promoting COGITO results.

Main standardisation interest

One of the objectives of COGITO is to promote standardisation proposals on construction, data modelling and linked open data. The most relevant bodies will initially be identified and contacts will be made to collect feedback on their future plans and interest in the COGITO standardisation punch-list.

The standardisation punch-list will comprise the technical project contributions/conclusions. It will be continuously updated based on the feedback received from standardization and bilateral communications with WG leaders/convenors to enhance its compatibility with standards and their roadmaps.

There is a specific task in the project (T9.4) devoted to standardisation. The project is right now identifying relevant standards and the potential contributions of the project to them.

The project has participated in several standardisation-related activities with other EU projects (e.g., workshops, whitepapers), has collaborated in the elaboration of the EUOS Landscape of Digital Twin Standards, and has submitted one use case based on the project to for the future “ISO/IEC 30172. Digital Twin - Use cases” that is being elaborated in the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41: Internet of Things and Digital Twin WG 6.

In the future, the project plans to organise a workshop with the participation of standardisation bodies’ representatives for promoting COGITO results. and aims to promote COGITO results to at least 5 standardisation bodies and to make COGITO proposals to at least 4 standards.

Open Call Topic(s): Sustainable digitalisation

Project Acronym: COGITO


Grant Agreement Id: 958310

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Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.5. - INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies - Advanced manufacturing and processing

Call for proposal: H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2018-2020

Funding Scheme: RIA - Research and Innovation action