René Lindner


Full Name: René Lindner
Job title: PHD Candidate, Tecnun - University of Navarra
Country: Germany/Spain

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Open Call Topics

Pandemics, Pandemic preparedness and resilience, Robust supply chains, Risk management, Transport and infrastructure (roads, rails, telecommunications, energy etc), Climate resilience, Climate adaptation, Climate monitoring, Hybrid civil/defence, Civil crisis preparation, Emergency management, Data protection and cybersecurity, Cyber resilience, Access to and usage of data, Blockchain and digital logbook, Digital twins, eID, Data and cybersecurity, Identity management, Transportation, Green transportation, Infrastructure, Interconnected city


Germany: DIN – Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

Technical Committees and Working Groups

DIN/DKE Smart City Standards Forum

DIN/DKE Innovation conference "Cities of the future"

RIDGIT1 project (2013-2015)

BRIDGIT2 project (2017-2020)

CWA 17300 series on City Resilience Development

4 CWAs on Crisis Management topic

2 CWAs on Smart Cities

CWA 17300 series