Jos Bruins


Full Name: Jos Bruins
Job title: Managing Director, Partner, Open Innovation Strategist
Organisation Name: NEOVATE Market Standards
Country: Netherlands


Open Call Topics

  • Health
    • E-Health and personalised services: Digital healthcare, eHealth, Mobile applications, Personal medicine
    • Design and use of medical device: 5G for live consultation and remote surgery, Biotechnology (organ-on-chip), Design for disassembly, Patient safety, Reliability of medical devices (emergency use)
    • AI in healthcare: AI health services, AI in radiology, Synthetic data
  • Resilience
    • Robust supply chains: Business continuity, Energy and natural gas distribution, Risk management, Transport and infrastructure )roads,, rails, telecommunication, energy, etc.), Workforce changes and demands
    • Climate resilience: Biodiversity, CLimate adaptation, Climate monitoring, Geotextiles
    • Hybrid civil/defence: Civil crisis preparation, Emergency management
    • Data protection and cybersecurity: Cyber resilience, Information security for SMEs, IT security, Payment services
  • Sustainable digitalisation
    • Data quality and AI: AI-based decision-making solutions (HR, legislation, labour), Circular data, Data interoperability, Ethical data usage, Intelligent factories, Trustworthy AI
    • Access to and usage of data: Blockchain and digital logbook, Circular data, Common European data spaces, Data interoperability, Digital twins, eGovernment, eID, Ethical data usage, Internet of things, Internet protocols
    • Space: 5G from space, Big data from space, European Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNSS)
    • Data and cybersecurity: Audit and certification of information security, Chips in terms of security, authenticity, reliability, Cloud services, Cybersecurity in telecommunication, Cyber-and information security (SME),
    • Identity management, Payment services
    • Quantum technology: Quantum communication, Quantum computing, Quantum sensors, Quantum simulations
  • Green transition
    • Clean energy: Clean hydrogen infrastructure, Clean hydrogen value chain, Documentation of green fuels, Energy storage, fueling and refuelling of green fuels, Gas transportation (incl. hydrogen), Smart energy, Wind turbines
    • Materials (raw and secondary): Critical raw materials for batteries and waste batteries, Plastic recycling incl. textiles, Recycling of critical raw materials (CRM), Recycling/reuse of electrical components (WEEE directive)
    • Green and sustainable production: Sustainable product initiative, Product passport, Product environmental footprint, Material passport, Additive and on-demand manufacturing (3d print, etc.), Eco design
    • Environmental impact: Carbon capture, utilisation, storage (CCUS), Toxic-free environment
  • Smart Cities and Circular Economy in Buildings
    • Circular economy in the construction sector: Embedded carbon, Design for circularity, Design for disassembly, Low-carbon cement, Material and product pass, Non-destructive testing, Selective demolition
    • Transportation: Connected cars, Green Transportation
    • Infrastructure: Postal service, Critical infrastructure pipes, etc., Intelligent transportation systems, Interconnected city
    • Green buildings: Intelligent buildings


  • European

Technical Committees and Working Groups

  • Strategy committees, IPR-, Legal-, Promotion-, Marketing-, Use case-, Technology WG's,