Company Standardisation

  • Beginner 2, Course 2

Company standardisation is standardisation within a company, including positioning towards external standardisation. Company standardisation mainly covers three aspects - developing standards to be used only internally (within the company), developing standards to be used externally and developing standards to become sectoral or industrial standards. The interplay of companies and standardisation can be various. Companies can be direct users of standards; they can passively or actively participate in standards development using different mechanisms of standardisation or doing both.

After completing this module, you should be able to:

  1. Understand motives that companies may have to develop company standards;
  2. Understand different forms that company standards may have;
  3. Determine if company standardisation has been successful;
  4. Explain why companies may develop standards to be used only internally;
  5. Explain why companies may develop standards to be used only externally;
  6. Explain why companies may develop standards with the main goal to impose these standards on the global market while achieving network effects/market dominance; and
  7. Understand benefits that companies may have from developing company standards.

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