New international standard provides process framework for managing big data analytics

@IEC Editorial Team

Big data drives digital transformation by enabling prediction trends in datasets that go far beyond the capabilities of legacy analytic tools in terms of volume, velocity, variety and variability. Organizations require a process management framework to reap the benefits of big data analytics by ensuring that different functional groups and roles within an organization interplay with each other with the appropriate processes, purposes and outcomes.

A new international standard, ISO/IEC 24668: Process Management Framework for Big Data Analytics, provides practical guidance, based on best practices, on managing and overseeing big data analytics. It describes processes for the acquisition, description, storage and processing of data, irrespective of the industry or sector in which the organization operates.

“ISO/IEC 24688 provides a framework to leverage big data analytics across an organization,” said Wael William Diab, who chairs the joint IEC and ISO committee on artificial intelligence. “It builds upon the successful big data foundational standards.”

The new international standard will help any organization that relies on big data analytics to develop an efficient process management framework based on global best practices. The framework is designed to leverage big data analytics across all functions in the organization and includes process capability levels and process attributes for assessing capability. ISO/IEC 24668 takes the various process categories into account, along with their interconnectivities. These process categories include organization stakeholder processes, competency development processes, data management processes, analytics development processes and technology integration processes.

This framework can be used not only for managing processes but also for enabling risk determination and process improvements. It will help organizations to develop competitive advantages, as well as to improve sales and customer experiences. “ISO/IEC 24668 offers a unique capability in competency development processes for big data. It was based on the big data application provider, framework provider, and service partner defined in ISO/IEC 20547-3: Big Data Reference Architecture for the advancement of workforce planning, capability development, and functional knowledge for big data analytics,” said Wo Chang, Convenor of SC 42/WG 2 on Data.


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