Negotiating in a Standards Meeting: 1st Gaming Session "The Serious Smiling Game" Training Academy Webinars this week

Negotiation skills in Standardisation & Use of and users of Standards


Negotiating in a Standards Meeting

The Serious Smiling Game
20 June 2023, 10:00-12:00 CEST

Join us for the launch of our first online Standards-based game.

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Training in negotiation skills is a recommendation in the EC’s Code of Practice for Standardisation where is directly cited. This role-play game simulates the discussion in an ad hoc working group within the imaginary organisation for standardisation.

Play with and against each other in a meeting on the establishment of a new Technical Committee (TC) for a standard by a fictional SDO. The game gives applied training on how the work within a TC/Working group an SDO and focusses on argumentation skills, understanding standardization context and strategic positioning, while building compromise or common understanding.

The Serious Smiling Game has been designed in collaboration between and the House of Knowledge.


Training Session 3: Standards Users and Use of Standards
23 June 2023, 10:00-11:30 CEST


Standards directly influence more than 80% of world trade, but who are the people who use standards and how are standards actually used?

This training session aims to raise awareness of standards users and bring the work of Small Business Standards (SBS) and the European Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation (ANEC) closer to researchers. 

We’ll introduce the two types of standard users—direct and indirect—as well as look at how standards are used and their influence in the market.
Standards are developed to be used. A successful standard is a standard that is accepted in the market. Understanding standards users might be a changing point in understanding the needs for one standard. There are plenty of reasons why the voice of direct and indirect standards users is vital in standardisation development.

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