Valuecare is a H2020 project which aims to deliver personalised integrated (health and social) care services, better outcomes for older people and improved care experience. It also aims to improve staff satisfaction and greater efficiency in the use of resources and coordination of care. It will do this in a setting that ensures trust of users and policy makers with regard to data access, protection and sharing and which can be replicated and deployed at large scale in other EU countries. 


  • Enhance the experience of older people through innovative digital solutions 
  • Improve the satisfaction of multidisciplinary care teams 
  • Use resources more efficiently through improved coordination 
  • Improve care outcomes and maintain quality of life for older people with frailties

Reason for applying to services

Standardisation Booster service could help the ValueCare project in the analysis of the applicable standardisation landscape and existing standards, as well as support the inclusion of the outcomes of the project in new or future standards. This information will be an important added value for developing one of the deliverables of the project: "Report on the contributions to standardisation". 

Also, the booster service could lead the project to the correct and suitable stakeholders that could increase the impact of the project, making real the capitalisation of the results of H2020 funding. 

Main Standardisation Interests

The main objective of standardisation activities within the ValueCare project are: 

  • to facilitate the acceptance and utilisation by the market of the developed solutions
  • provide starting information for other WPs, ensure compatibility and interoperability with what already exists in the market through standers 
  • use standardisation system as a tool for dissemination of the project results 
  • standardisation as a way for interaction with market stakeholders 

Main activities to fulfil those objectives: 

  • identification and analysis of related existing standards
  • contribution to the ongoing and future standardisation developments from the results of the project 
  • connections with Spain national Standardisation Body (UNE), representing CEN and CENELEC and ICHOM Standard Sets  – International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measures

Open Call Topic(s): Health

Project Acronym: VALUECARE


Grant Agreement Id: 875215

Start Date:

End Date:

Programme: H2020-EU.3.1. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Health, demographic change and well-being

Call for proposal: H2020-SC1-DTH-2018-2020

Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action