Project Name: NEXUS Nature Ecosystem Society Solution (NESS): Fair and Sustainable Resource Allocation Demonstrator of the Multiple WEFE Nexus Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits for Mediterranean Regions


The NEXUS Nature Ecosystem Society (or NEXUS-NESS) solution aims to co-produce and co-test with stakeholders WEFE Nexus management plans for fair and sustainable allocation of resources. NEXUS-NESS will deploy trans-disciplinary methods and multi-sector scenarios by integrating large-scale WATNEEDS and river basin scale FREEWAT ecosystem-hydrological models for building a dedicated service to operationalize the proposed WEFE Nexus approach, namely the NEXUS-NESS Service.

This new service will transfer and test science-driven WEFE Nexus knowledge to address real case study issues. The NEXUS-NESS solution will interlink the WEF Nexus components with a three-fold conceptualization of the Ecosystem component (Environment, Economy, Engagement/Society). NEXUS-NESS will adopt and test the proposed WEFE Nexus bottom-up approach in four different climatic, environmental, socio-economic and cultural demonstration sites employing Living Lab and Responsible Research and Innovation principles. Four Nexus Ecosystem Labs in Italy, Spain, Egypt and Tunisia will be set up. A WEFE Nexus Innovation Ecosystem Approach supported by a novel Multi-Stakeholder and User Platform will effectively engage all stakeholders, including the private sector for creating long-lasting Innovation Ecosystems that are based on collaboration among academia, industry, different levels of the public sector and citizens.

The overarching goal of NEXUS-NESS is linked to the following General Objectives:

  • Co-Produce and co-test with stakeholders WEFE Nexus management plans for fair and sustainable allocation of resources;
  • Operationalize the adoption of the WEFE Nexus by co-defining short- to long-term resource management plans and hands-on guidance through testing in the four NELs;
  • Implement a WEFE Nexus Innovation Ecosystem Approach (IEA) by applying the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles through the RRI Roadmap in the four NELs.

Reason for applying to services

Since WEFE Nexus requires strong standardization efforts to achieve project goals.

Main standardisation interest

How to transfer science-driven WEFE Nexus into operational solutions adhering to new standards (both technical and policies).

Open Call Topic(s): Resilience

Project Acronym: NEXUS-NESS


Grant Agreement Id: 2042

Start Date:

End Date:

Programme: PRIMA Programme

Call for proposal: SIGMA-Nexus

Funding Scheme: RIA - Research and Innovation action