Project Name: Innovative eco-efficient processing and refining routes for secondary raw materials from silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing for accelerated utilisation in high-end markets


ICARUS aims to demonstrate modular processing solutions at an industrial scale to retrieve 95% of high-value raw materials from silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing.

It will do so through eco-efficient processing, refining, and transformation of industrial silicon, graphite and silica waste streams.
Industrial symbiosis will provide refined raw materials for further industrial high-end applications. Material closed-loop systems will enable a circular economy for silicon ingot and wafer manufacturers, potentially unlocking substantial volumes of raw materials: 9.600.000 tons of silicon, 1.165.300 tons of silica and 64.000 tons of graphite by 2050.

Reason for applying to HSbooster.eu services

The markets for recycled products from the waste of the silicon wafer production process concerns uncharted territory for which Chemconserve BV as Exploitation Manager is responsible, so all help is highly appreciated, especially since this concerns high volumes of critical raw material (silicon, silica, graphite)

Main standardisation interest

Standardisation will follow the development of recycled products for markets that are to be developed. 

We would appreciate having the support of HS Booster in the development of the markets for recycled products (e.g. recycled silicon kerf, that has 4N purity instead of 6N purity), by providing guidance and know-how on these new markets for new purity products.

Open Call Topic(s): Green transition in Europe

Project Acronym: ICARUS


Grant Agreement Id: 958365

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End Date:

Programme: H2020-EU.3.5. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Climate action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

Call for proposal: H2020-LOW-CARBON-CIRCULAR-INDUSTRIES-2020

Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action