Project Name: Innovative circular solutions and services for new business opportunities in the EU housing sector


The Circularity Tool is a web-based tool for the assessment of the degree of circularity in the building construction sector developed within the HOUSEFUL project and one of the Key Exploitable Results of the project.

This tool provides a clear and understandable evaluation of the degree of circularity of a new building or building renovation project given a certain amount of project data, such as a Bill of Materials, and Operational data, among others. This tool is intended to be a Decision-Support System for building designers as it will provide a quick evaluation of the degree of circularity and will allow practitioners to modify building designs and see their influence on the overall building circularity.

The tool is adapted to all EU countries, and the methodology weighs the different Circular Economy vectors in accordance with their relevance of them in each region/country context to provide an overall building circularity score comparable among different building types and locations.

Reason for applying to services

The Circularity Tool development tool seeks support to collaborate with existing Technical Committees working in Building Circularity standardisation in order to align the developed tool with currently developing Building Circularity standards. Also, it is sought to generate impact in the new standards by supporting the circularity evaluation with the proposed methodological approach.

Main Standardisation Interests

Building Circularity is still not regulated, not standardised. The developed tool, which is based in a Building Circularity Methodology developed in the project, has the potential to be a standardisation mechanism for Building Circularity.

Also, the alignment of the Circularity Tool with current standardisation practices would help to enhance its potential usage within the building design practitioners as it would provide effective means for Building Circularity Assessment giving providing decision support advice.

Open Call Topic(s): Smart Cities and Circular Economy in Buildings

Project Acronym: HOUSEFUL


Grant Agreement Id: 776708

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Programme: H2020-EU.3.5. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Climate action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

Call for proposal: H2020-IND-CE-2016-17

Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action

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