Project Name: Electric Vehicles Management for carbon neutrality in Europe


EV4EU is funded by Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program, has a duration of 42 months and aims to develop and implement user-centric Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) management strategies to allow massive growth of electric vehicles.  

V2X technologies allow the exchange of data and energy between vehicles and their surroundings. Using these technologies, the project will develop tools, and applications for the user, propose new types of chargers and develop an open platform for information exchange between systems, network operators, and charging operators.  

The proposed V2X management strategies will be tested in demonstrators installed in four European countries: Portugal, Denmark, Greece and Slovenia.  

Reason for applying to HSbooster.eu services

There are existing standards that will most likely impact the project EV4EU– we aim to identify, evaluate and applied them when possible to ensure the interoperability of the project. Our project also has the potential to revise and create new standards, based on the demonstration activities. Thus, we will greatly benefit from the help of Standardization experts.

Main standardisation interest

In our project, we will address Standardisation in two Work packages: 5 and 10. 

Standards will be assessed in Work Package 5 for the communications between Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the charging stations, between charging stations and management systems, and between different EVs. The most important standards used in these communications are the IEC 61851 and the OCPP (Open Charge point Protocol) 2.0.1 (OCPP 1.6 for V1G). One of the goals is to evaluate the limits of these standards considering the need for information exchange allowing new V2X services. Another important point is to assure high interoperability of systems, identifying the semantics used by different manufacturers, mainly in the case of OCPP communications. An internal data model will be proposed and implemented in the platform, and the mapping with the most important manufacturers will be integrated. When necessary, new extensions of existing protocols will be proposed and simulated. These outcomes will be necessary to promote the discussion in standardisation bodies (Work Package 10). This task has just started (M6 of the project- November 2022). Currently, we are participating in OCA (Open Charge Alliance) Technology Working group. OCPP compliance testing tool has been deployed in our partner PPC (Public Power Corporation) R&D facility premises. 

In Work package 10 ( Dissemination Work Package) we aim to disseminate the results of the project under the standardization bodies. This will extend the project´s impact and contribute to the development of the standards to be compliant with the needs of V2X. On the other side, the project can profit from the participation of these working groups through the identification of common needs at a global level. The activities of this task will start on month M7 (December 2022) of the project.

These activities will establish guidelines for standardization project outcomes for V2X in the frame of public installations and the ones integrated into buildings and energy communities.  

Open Call Topic(s): Green transition in Europe

Project Acronym: EV4EU


Grant Agreement Id: 101056765

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Programme: HORIZON.2.5 - Climate, Energy and Mobilit

Call for proposal: HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01

Funding Scheme: RIA - Research and Innovation action