Project Name: Monitoring of Environmental Practices for Sustainable Agriculture Supported by Earth Observation<br />


With farmland covering 50 % of EU territory, sustainable agriculture is a key objective to ensure natural resources remain available in the future. The EU-funded ENVISION project will design a toolbox to monitor service of sustainable agricultural practices all year round. It will use in situ, open data and historical information as well as data made available by the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and Copernicus, which builds on a constellation of satellites making an impressive number of daily observations. This information will be used to develop cultivated crop type maps and to monitor soil organic carbon, vegetation status and crop growth. The toolbox will be tested and validated in a preoperational environment by potential future customers of its products and services.

Reason for applying to HSbooster.eu services

We are applying to know how to choose the most appropriate standardisation, influence standardisation processes and outcomes, and, most importantly, identify the needs for new standards. 

Main standardisation interest

The main objective is to establish a framework for technical cooperation and information exchange between ENVISION, its partners, and standards organizations. This framework should allow for a series of practical implementation actions, specifically in those technical areas where there is a common interest between ENVISION and other organizations. These actions include: Exploring opportunities to collaborate within each organization’s respective standards development process; Facilitating technical standardization dialogue between different technical bodies; and Sharing information on standards development activities and emerging technologies, trends, or regulatory drivers of mutual interest for the benefit of the stakeholders. We are now at the beginning of this process and have set up the initial plan. 

Open Call Topic(s): Sustainable digitalisation

Project Acronym: ENVISION


Grant Agreement Id: 869366

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Programme: H2020-EU.3.5. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Climate action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

Call for proposal: H2020-SC5-2018-2019-2020

Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action