Shakira Maria Bedoya Sanchez

Shakira Maria Bedoya Sanchez

Full Name: Shakira Maria Bedoya Sanchez
Job title: Senior Operational Risk Manager –Asset Management Business Controls
Organisation Name: Danske Bank
Country: Denmark


Open Call Topics

  • Resilience
    • Robust supply chains: Business continuity, Risk management
    • Climate resilience: Climate adaptation


  • Denmark: DS – Dansk Standard

Technical Committees and Working Groups

  • ISO/TC 68/AG 2: Financial Services "Standards Advisory Group"
  • ISO/TC 68/AG 4: Financial Services "Sustainable Finance Advisory Group"
  • ISO/TC 68/TAG 1: Financial Services "Fintech Technical Advisory Group"
  • ISO/TC 207/SC4/WG 7: Environmental Management "Green Debt Instruments"
  • ISO/TC 292/WG2: Security and Resilience "Continuity and Organizational Resilience"
  • ISO/TC 309/WG1: Governance of Organizations "Guidance for the Governance of Organizations"
  • ISO/TC 309/WG4: Governance of Organizations "Compliance Management Systems"
  • ISO/TC 309/WG5: Governance of Organizations "Guidance for Efficiency Measurement"
  • ISO/TC 309/WG6: Governance of Organizations "Governance Maturity Model"
  • ISO/TC 322/AHG 2: Sustainable Finance "Future Standards Development"
  • ISO/TC 322/TAG 1: Sustainable Finance "Sustainable FinTech"
  • ISO/TC 322/WG1: Sustainable Finance "Sustainable Finance Framework"