Rasmus Hauch


Full Name: Rasmus Hauch
Job title: CTO, 2021.AI
Country: Denmark

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Open Call Topics

E-Health and personalised services, Assisted living, Cybersecurity in healthcare, Digital healthcare, Design and use of medical device, Patient safety, Reliability of medical devices (for emergency use), AI in Healthcare, AI health services, AI in radiology, Synthetic data, Data protection and cybersecurity, Cyber resilience, Information security for SMEs, IT security, Data quality and Artificial Intelligence, AI-based decision-making solutions (HR, legislation, labour), Ethical data usage, Trustworthy AI, Access to and usage of data, Digital twins, Ethical data usage, Internet of things, Data and cybersecurity, Audit and certification of information security, Cloud Services, Cyber- and information security (SME), Identity management, Clean energy, Smart energy, Transportation, Connected cars, Green transportation, Infrastructure, Interconnected city, Green buildings, Intelligent buildings


CENELEC – The European Electronic Committee for Standardisation