Ramiro Bueno Martínez

Ramiro Bueno Martínez

Full Name: Ramiro Bueno Martínez
Job title: Electronic Systems Engineer
Organisation Name: Lumiker Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.L.
Country: Spain

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Open Call Topics

  • Resilience
    • Data protection and cybersecurity: Cyber resilience, Information security for SMEs, IT security, Payment services
  • Sustainable digitalisation
    • Data quality and Artificial Intelligence: AI-based decision-making solutions (HR, legislation, labour), Circular data, Data interoperability, Ethical data usage, Intelligent factories, Trustworthy AI
    • Access to and usage of data: Circular data
  • Smart Cities and Circular Economy in Buildings
    • Green buildings: Intelligent buildings


  • ISO - International Organization for Standardization
  • Spain: UNE – Asociación Española de Normalización
  • CENELEC – The European Electronic Committee for Standardisation

Technical Committees and Working Groups

  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 42 Artificial Intelligence
    • JWG1 AI Governance
    • WG3 AI Trustworthiness
    • WG4 AI Use cases and Guidelines
  • CTN 71 SC42 Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
    • Vocal COITT
  • CEN/CENELEC JTC21 Artificial Intelligence
    • CEN/CENELEC JTC21 WG-1 Strategic Advisory Group