Karin Eufinger

Karin Eufinger

Full Name: Karin Eufinger
Job title: Standards and Technical Regulations Manager, Centexbel
Country: Belgium

Open Call Topics

Pandemics, Pandemic preparedness and resilience, Climate resilience, Geotextiles, Materials (raw and secondary), Plastic recycling incl. textiles, Green and sustainable production, Sustainable product initiative, Product passport, Product environmental footprint, Material passport, Circular economy in the construction sector, Design for circularity, Material and product pass


Belgium: NBN – Bureau de Normalisation

Technical Committees and Working Groups

CEN TC248 WG31 Smart Textiles and Electronic Textiles

CEN TC248 Textiles and textile products

CEN TC189 Geotextiles

CEN TC134 Resilient, textile, laminate and modular mechanical locked floor coverings

CEN TC162 Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets

ISO TC323 Circular Economy

CEN TC466 WG2 Environmental and circular requirements for fishing gear and aquaculture equipment

CEN TC466 Circularity and recyclability of fishing gear and aquaculture equipment