Jean Brangé


Full Name: Jean Brangé
Job title: Président
Organisation Name: AFNeT Services
Country: France

Linkedin Profile

Open Call Topics

  • Sustainable digitalisation
    • Access to and usage of data: Circular data, Common European data spaces, Data interoperability, Digital twins
    • Data and cybersecurity: Cloud Services, Identity management
  • Green transition in Europe
    • Green and sustainable production: Material passport, Product environmental footprint, Product passport
  • Smart Cities and Circular Economy in Buildings
    • Circular economy in the construction sector: Design for circularity
    • Green buildings: Indicators for circular buildings, Intelligent buildings


  • AFNOR – Association Francaise de normalization
  • CEN – European Committee for Standardisation
  • ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Technical Committees and Working Groups

  • CP IDMI 
  • CEN TC 310
  • CEN TC 442
  • ISO TC 184/SC 4/TF 2     convenor
  • ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 13 deputy convenor
  • ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 12 and 21  expert and project leader
  • ISO TC 184/SC 4/JWG 16   expert and project leader
  • ISO TC 184/SC 5/WG 10 expert
  • ISO TC 59/SC 13/JWG 12