Elfed Howells

Elfed Howells

Full Name: Elfed Howells
Job title: Chief Executive Officer
Organisation Name: Macroblock
Country: United Kingdom

Open Call Topics

E-Health and personalised services, Accessibility, Digital healthcare, Mobile applications, Design and use of medical device, 5G for live consultations and remote surgery, AI in Healthcare, AI health services, Robust supply chains, Business continuity, Risk management, Transport and infrastructure (roads, rails, telecommunications, energy etc), Hybrid civil/defence, Civil crisis preparation, Emergency management, Data quality and Artificial Intelligence, Data interoperability, Access to and usage of data, Data interoperability, Internet of things, Data and cybersecurity, Chips in terms of security, authenticity, reliability, Transportation, Connected cars, Infrastructure, Interconnected city



Technical Committees and Working Groups


Object Based Media working Group (Ofcom and DVB)

DVB (TV/Streaming standards)

Khronos (3D graphics standards)

DEG Europe

MESA Europe

ETSI JTC Broadcast

HbbTV board