Dr. Jacqui Taylor

Dr. Jacqui Taylor

Full Name: Dr. Jacqui Taylor
Job title: CEO
Organisation Name: FlyingBinary
Country: United Kingdom


Open Call Topics

  • Health
    • E-Health and personalised services: Cybersecurity in healthcare


  • CENELEC – The European Electronic Committee for Standardisation
  • ISO - International Organization for Standardization
  • BSI – British Standards Institution

Technical Committees and Working Groups

    • Vice-Chair CEN TC 465
  • ISO
    • ISO/IEC JTC 1/AHG - collaboration across domains
    • Member of SC 32/WG 6
    • National Body HoD for JTC 1/ AHG 6
    • National Body HoD for JTC 1/ AHG 21 JTC 1 - Strategic Review 
    • Principal Technology/AI/Metaverse/Smart Cities/Data UsageExpert of the UK National Body delegation to JTC 1
    • Diversity and Inclusion expert at ISO
    • Editor of ISO IWA 39 Cyber Physical systems
    • ISO TC 268,  ISO TC 268/SC 1, ISO TC 268/CAG
  • United Kingdom: BSI – British Standards Institution
    • Principal UK BSI Expert at national, European and international level;
    • UK Cabinet Office Open Standards Board
  • Expert Advisor at the United Nations, advising 198 Member States
  • ITU-T for Metaverse/ AI/ Procurement and Data Usage/ Accessibility 
  • U4SSC initiative with a focus on Smart Cities, Procurement and Metaverse.