Open Call for EU Projects

Standards are at the core of a resilient European single market enabling companies to demonstrate compliance with EU regulations, creating a level playing field for businesses and increasing consumer confidence. For EC-funded projects, transferring results to a standards-setting organisation can further extend exploitation opportunities by spurring innovation. This ensures the uptake and wider use of new technologies and inventions, guaranteeing interoperability and compatibility, providing quality and safety levels, and codifying knowledge in clear and specific ways.

Contributing to standards is often an objective of many R&I projects possibly with a task, deliverable or milestone dedicated to the topic. However, actually navigating the path to engage with standardisation working groups and technical committees can be complex, costly and difficult to achieve in the lifetime of the project.

This is where comes in. will provide consultancy services to R&I projects which will be delivered by standardisation experts. It will be the expert’s role to offer direct guidance and support to make sure the project chooses the right strategic approach and contribute efficiently to the standardisation process. The services are provided at no cost for projects as part of the European Commission’s Booster services.

Over the next 20 months, we’ll be launching an Open Call covering topics related to the standardisation urgencies highlighted in the EU Strategy on Standardisation including.

The Open Call will be launch on 21st June, continuously open and running, while details on call topics published at the start of June. 

By applying to the Open Call H2020 & Horizon Europe projects can benefit from professional personalised services delivered by experts and clustered around thematic topics, for a 3 months period.


Find out more on the eligibility criteria in the FAQ to seize this opportunity and stay tuned to get updates on the coming Open Call for projects in June!