Rolling Plan 2023 for ICT Standardisation

On March 6, the European Commission, in collaboration with the European Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP), released the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation 2023. This is an annual document providing an overview of ICT standardisation in support of EU-level policy, aiming to bridge the gap between EU policies and ICT standardisation by identifying areas where standardisation is needed to support EU policies and priorities.

The Rolling Plan 2023 features 260 actions in 39 domains, divided into four areas: enablers, challenges, innovation, and growth. Three "foundational topics" are highlighted: data economy, cybersecurity, and e-privacy. These topics require standardisation across different activities and are crucial for policymakers to address using ICT standardisation.

The 2023 Rolling Plan has added new chapters on Metaverse and Quantum Technologies, Pandemic preparedness, and split the former education chapter into digital skills and digital learning. Some chapters have undergone substantial modifications, including updates on Cybersecurity, Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities, and 5G's transition towards 6G. Additionally, new legislative acts such as the Data Act, Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act, and Cyber Resilience Act have been referenced.

The Rolling Plan 2023 is an important tool for stakeholders in the ICT industry, providing a clear direction for standardisation activities and ensuring that standards support EU policies and priorities. It will also help to promote innovation and competitiveness in the European digital market.

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Rolling Plan 2023 for ICT Standardisation