HSbooster.eu workshops foster synergetic relationships between standards and innovation

In a bid to illuminate the synergetic relationship between innovation and standardisation, a series of enlightening workshops have been set up by HSbooster.eu. 

The workshops aim to provide an enriched perspective on various aspects of standardisation, catering to a select group of cutting-edge projects in order to increase knowledge on key, state-of-the-art standards and help pave the way for highly innovative technologies to go to market at a later stage. 

Inviting a set of innovative projects to the table, Signe Annette Bøgh, Senior Project Manager for research and HSbooster.eu partner,  is unravelling the intricacies of standardisation's role in catalysing scientific advancements and disruptive innovations. The participants in the spotlight include a portfolio of projects funded under the Engineered Living Materials Pathfinder Challenge by the European Innovation Council: Prism-LT, NextSkins, LoopOfFun, BioRobot-MiniHeart, SUMO, FUROID.

The workshops are designed to facilitate an interactive exploration of critical topics to spread knowledge on how standards can be applied and sway innovation. This series of workshops takes place in three stages:

  • 19th of September - "Standards and how to influence standardisation using Engineered Living Material relevant standards/committees as examples."
  • 9th of October  - "CE-marking products for the European market."
  • 30th of October  - "Life Cycle Assessment standards."

The selection of topics is a result of close consultation with EISMEA, the agency that is responsible for developing and implementing the European Innovation Council (EIC). While these sessions will be recorded for internal usage, confidentiality will be maintained to foster an atmosphere conducive to in-depth exploration.
These workshops are extremely relevant in the context of Engineered Living Materials (ELMs), a groundbreaking area with emerging applications. Emphasis has been placed on the necessity of understanding environmental sustainability through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standards.

These sessions are not only valuable for the ELM projects but also serve as a testament to the broader reach and significance of standardisation in innovation. The interdisciplinary nature of these projects further underlines the necessity of navigating the complex terrain of standardisation effectively.

In a spirit of collaborative growth, discussions are ongoing with various Horizon initiatives, such as EIC and the Joint Undertakings (JUs), including Circular Bio-based Europe, Europe’s Rail, Global Health EDCTP3, and Innovative Health Initiative. These dialogues aim to identify pathways for these projects to access specialised services offered by the HSBooster.eu services, thereby enhancing their innovative endeavours.

It's noteworthy that these workshops aim to shed light on not just the technical aspects of standardisation but also how it influences the broader landscape of innovation and environmental sustainability, in line with the guidelines laid down in the code of Practice on Standardisation in the European Research Area.

The aim is to foster collaboration, encourage dialogue, and empower projects with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricate domain of standardisation effectively.


HSbooster.eu workshops foster synergetic relationships between standards and innovation