DCU Hosts Engaging Standardisation Gaming Session with HSbooster.eu

The HSBooster.eu project recently organised an interactive gaming session for Master's students at Dublin City University (DCU) on 19 March 2024, showcasing the transformative Serious Smiley Game. This interactive role-playing simulation immerses participants in a mock Technical Committee meeting, fostering crucial skills like argumentation, strategic thinking, and consensus-building for standardisation work.

The event saw experts from the DCU ADAPT Centre, alongside game developer Ivana Mijatović and Biljana Tosić from the University of Belgrade, guiding attendees through practice sessions. Representatives from the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) were also present. Eoin McCabe of NSAI praised the game's realistic simulation and hands-on approach to understanding stakeholder perspectives. Dr. Pamela Hussey of DCU commended its emphasis on collaboration, respect for diverse viewpoints, and reaching consensus, key elements of successful standards development.

In the afternoon, DCU master's students experienced the Serious Smiley Game, guided by Mijatović and Tosić. The immersive learning approach resonated strongly with students, who praised its realism, interactive nature, and ability to promote critical thinking.

The Serious Smiley Game is part of the HSBooster.eu Training Academy, an online hub for standardisation education. It has been publicly released on the platform, making it freely accessible for training purposes.

To gain deeper insights into the game presentations and participant feedback from this pioneering standardisation education event, read the comprehensive post-event report, highlighting the experiences that resonate deeply with the standardisation experts from theory to practice.

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DCU Hosts Engaging Standardisation Gaming Session with HSbooster.eu