The 2023 State of Open Standards - Developing and adopting standards in the ICT sector

Standards, often hidden in the intricate web of our technological systems, play a pivotal role in shaping decision-making and fostering innovation. To better understand how these standards are developed and adopted in the ICT section, the Linux Foundation has recently published the 2023 State of Open Standards report.

The survey asked respondents about their involvement in standards, the value of and growth in standards, and what challenges they have experienced in this practice. Overall, the survey found that open standards are preferred over closed standards by a significant majority of respondents. In particular:

  • 91% of organisations are involved with open standards code.
  • Organisations prefer open standards 7 times more than other standards.
  • Over the last 3 years, organisations are 12 times more likely to say their value from open standards is increasing rather than decreasing.
  • 80% of organisations state that open standards promote competition.
  • 72% of organisations say their customers prefer products and services based on open standards.
  • Improved productivity is the #1 reason organisations are increasing their use of open standards.

In the landscape of technology and innovation, the resounding support for open standards marks a transformative shift in approach.

The unanimous consensus in favour of open standards underscores a pivotal juncture where the potential of open standards eclipses that of more restrictive alternatives.

This comprehensive survey has illuminated a remarkable shift towards open standards, not merely as a preference but as a driving force behind competition, innovation, and organisational transformation.

As the momentum towards open technologies gains ground, it is conceivable that traditional approaches to standards will find themselves confined to specialised niches.

This research signifies not just a preference, but an assertion of open standards as a strategic imperative, a cornerstone in shaping the technological future.

As organisations continue to harness the manifold benefits of open standards, it is undeniable that their value proposition will grow, fostering an environment where innovation and return on investment thrive hand in hand.





The 2023 State of Open Standards - Developing and adopting standards in the ICT sector