Interoperable Europe Act Proposal

The Commission has adopted the Interoperable Europe Act proposal and its accompanying Communication to strengthen cross-border interoperability and cooperation in the public sector across the EU.

The Act proposes to introduce a structured and co-owned EU cooperation framework for public administrations with the following pillars:

  • An Interoperable Europe Board - that is co-owned by the Member States and the EU and supported by public and private actors – for the development of a common strategic agenda for cross-border interoperability, the support in operational implementing interoperability solutions, and progress monitoring
  • Mandatory interoperability assessments to evaluate the impact of changes in IT systems related to cross-border interoperability in the EU
  • An ‘Interoperable Europe Portal’ as a community platform and one-stop-shop for shared and reusable interoperability solutions 
  • Innovation and support measures, including regulatory sandboxes and GovTech cooperation, to promote policy experimentation, developing skills and the scaling up of interoperability solutions for reuse.  

The future interoperability cooperation framework will be steered by the Interoperable Europe Board. The Board will be composed of representatives from the EU Member States, the Commission, the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee.


Interoperable Europea Act proposal