Standardisation Training Academy

In the era of Digital Transition (and transformation), the pivotal role of standardisation and its correlated processes in the Information and Communication technology domain is growing increasingly wide. Standards are needed to ensure safety of products, to allow compatibility between different technologies and interoperability of products and services, to give economic advantages for market’s players and even to facilitate trade by removing trade barriers. In order to achieve such ambitious objectives and reap the vast benefits of standards, continuous and quality formal education and training is much needed for those operating in this area in multiple layers.

The Standardisatiom Training Academy will address the educational dimension of Standardisation by providing an efficient mechanism and accessible hub for training knowledge, expertise and skills. More specifically, the Academy will cover the following aspects:

  • Delivery of tailored Training packages for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.
  • Develop and sustain a network of standardisation experts, professionals and academic researchers.
  • Tangible support for the through the delivery of personalised trainings for proactive and premium service applicants, filling the gap(s) that projects encounter across their standardisation path.
  • Public Webinars & Workshops to emphasize the interrelation of standardisation and Research and the possibility of reciprocal benefits.

The Academy aims also to effectively respond to the following needs:

  • Necessity from various stakeholders to get a better and deeper understanding of standardisation and inner mechanisms.
  • Raise awareness of the strategic role and importance of standardisation in supporting products/services market uptake.
  • Access to the standardisation process: how to gain the technical knowledge to participate in Technical Committees and/or Working Groups and be able to “have a say” or influence the content.
  • Overcome one of the most relevant barriers to standardisation education, namely the availability of the education materials by setting-up a comprehensive set of teaching materials freely accessible for researchers, students and professionals.

The Academy will cover a broad range of domain spanning from ICT and security standards, health and safety, quality management, energy management, environmental management, food safety domain and more!